Healer in a World that Caters Pain

I have begun a journey of sorts. I have felt called to go through Isaiah for a while now, and just wasn’t sure how to approach it. I have a tendency to get frustrated when I can not understand something (I know, I’m working on it) and I let that frustration prevent me from even picking up the book. Well, upon doing some self reflection on this matter, I realized that is where my problem lies. I am in a season of self-reflection and growth, and that is where scripture is critical right now. I don’t have to necessarily understand every single word, but have the openness to allow the words water my spirit so that I may grow to that understanding.

So I begin with Chapter 1. Surprising, right?

Now, I am not going to go through every verse and record every thought that I had while reading. Rather, I am going to take the verses that stood out the most. In Isaiah 1, these verses are 5-6 which read:

(5) Why do you invite further beatings? Why continue to rebel? Everyone’s head throbs and everyone’s heart fails. (6) From head to toe, none are well– only bruises, cuts, and raw wounds, not treated, not bandaged, not soothed with oil.

I hope you are affected by these as I am, because it took me a minute to control the tears. I immediately began to ask myself, why do I continue to rebel? Why do I continue to live in hurt and pain? Why do I continue to attach myself to a world that only causes destruction in my life? The answer is, I truly don’t know.

I say I don’t know because look at the God that we have! It says it in the final part of the sentence: “not treated, not bandaged, not soothed with oil.” WE HAVE A GOD THAT DOES ALL OF THESE THINGS!

When we are sick spiritually or physically, we have a God that treats us.

When we are bleeding, or feel like we are losing everything that we hold dear, we have a God that covers us.

When our lives are a complete mess, we have a God ready for us to run to his arms so he can comfort and soothe us.

So why do we live a life that reflects a preference to the ways of the world?

I don’t know about you, but this is something that I would like to change. So, how do we become aware of our comfort with the world, and content with living a life with God instead? Well, I bet you haven’t heard this one before, but we must first recognize that there is a problem to begin with. In other words, we can not find contentment within Christ, if we are allowing the ways of the world to be our comfort. That is God’s desire, to be our comforter.

Over the past year, as I have explored and gotten deeper into my awareness of my calling, I have been confronted by the many ways that I still need to grow to be fully ready to live out that calling. I would be lying if I said that everything that I suddenly became aware of was immediately healed and everything became peachy. No, it was a process. It is still a process.

     You see, we have become so comfortable with the world that we live in, and the pain and hurt that surrounds us every day, that seeking the way out of it is, just guess, a process. One of the most relevant visuals I can think of for this reality is taking a seam ripper to a garment that has been sewn wrong. It is not that the garment did not hold together, or even that it was not somewhat effective, but there is a more perfect way. Does this sound familiar? How many of you have been living life effectively, but still felt like something was missing? Me, too.

It is necessary that we rip the seams that are keeping us attached to the world, and allow ourselves to be sewn back together by the Creator that treats, bandages, and soothes us with oil…


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