Misplaced Priorities

Between classes, finals, family, and just every little thing that goes into life, you can say that writing, for anything other than my classes, has just not been happening lately. As the end of what has proved to be a challenging semester, I thought I would enter back into the “bloggersphere” with a very important lesson that I learned in the midst of all of the craziness.

Somewhere in the middle of the semester, I realized that I became more concerned with the people and the situations around me, instead of myself. And by myself, I mean my relationship with God. I went from having quiet times every day, to once or twice a week, then finally to “I am lucky if I even have 30 minutes to spare in a week!” The truth is…no one is that busy. I was not that busy. You see, the enemy has a very interesting way of tricking us into believing that our new neglect of God, is actually the new norm. It happens so gradually that many times we don’t even realize how low we have gotten, until we are thirsting for God in every part of lives. We allow God to become our last priority.

I don’t know about you, but I want a relationship with God that can withstand anything that the world decides to throw at it. Therefore this is the lesson that I learned, that no matter how crazy our lives can become, they mean absolutely nothing if we do not have God as our very first priority with the intention of seeking Him in all that we do.

Matthew 15:5-6 says, “(5) I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, then you will produce much fruit. Without me, you can’t do anything. (6) If you don’t remain in me, you will be like a branch that is thrown out and dries up. Those branches are gathered up, thrown into a fire, and burned.”

I love this verse because it speaks so true to what our lives are like when we are placing God above all else, and what they are like when we allow God to be just another one of our misplaced priorities.

My prayer is that each and every one of you would be able to place God as your first priority, just as you are already His. I also pray that as the beginning of the summer season begins that you will dwell in the presence of God, and rest in His abundant love!





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