Living for the Eternal

Time is a funny thing. We are all running on a clock that determines every move we make from the time we wake up, to the time we shut our eyes. In a broader view, hopefully not to sound too depressing, the clock that we are running on will eventually run out of time, and then the eternal clock will begin ticking. Every move we make in this life is only a small fragment of the big picture. However, more importantly, every move we make in this life CONTRIBUTES to the big picture. In scripture, Matthew 18:18, we are told that whatever we bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever we lose on earth will be lost in heaven. We are literally living our lives as a contribution to the eternity that we hope to have with our Lord in heaven.

So…with that said, why are we living our lives as we are already living among what is eternal? Yes, there are parts of our lives that are eternal, actually only one, and that is the love that God has for us. Way too many times I have heard the expression “YOLO,” and quite honestly each time I hear it I feel a slight sting from the complete misunderstanding that the expression identifies. If we are truly in belief that we “only live once,” then what would be the point of chasing after God’s heart? In fact, if we believe this, then are we not completely disregarding the relationship with us that God so desperately craves?

Call me crazy, but if we live with the mentality that we can do whatever we want because we are already forgiven, then we are not chasing after God at all. Isaiah 1:19 says that if we are WILLING and OBEDIENT, we will eat the good things of the land, but if we resist and rebel, we will be devoured by the sword. Although in todays times this sounds a little out of context, it is still completely relevant. In order to be forgiven, first of all we must ask for it, but most importantly, we must be actively seeking the heart of God with the hope and confidence in knowing that we are completely transformed by His grace.

It may sound like I am being completely hypocritical, but believe me, this is advice that I have had to remember over and over again. I have had moments where I might as well have just had a “YOLO” tattoo on my forehead.  Allowing God to transform me has turned into a journey that I would not trade for the world, as well as one that I know will continue to unfold over the years. It is also one that I hope that everyone will get to experience.

My prayer for anyone who has not experienced God’s transforming grace is that your hearts would be filled with the love and joy that can come from only Him alone, and that your life would be one lived for the eternal and not the temporary. Amen!

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