On the Future

In honor of New Years I felt it important to discuss one of my biggest stumbling blocks: being present.

Why is it that our sight is always set on the pointless details of the future instead of the lives that we are living right here and now? It is almost as if our generation comes with an instruction manual telling us that if we are not looking forward we are ten steps behind. As a Christian, this is actually a very important thing to be aware of. If we are living in the future, and not in the present, then we are not allowing ourselves to be constantly aware that God is working in our life at every second.

I sometimes admire my little sister, Cassidy, because although there are times that she is absorbed in the future of what ifs, most of the time she is focused on the events that are going on in her life at that very moment. It is a very hard concept, especially when you are a worrier like myself. I am always worried about the papers I have due a month from now, or what the results of the next semester are going to be. It is EXHAUSTING!

So my goal for the next year, among other things that I will not go into detail on, is to become present. To focus, and see the light of the here and now, in hopes that I will become more aware of the little details that make every moment of my life a true gift from God.

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