In Complete Wonder

In college, the number one question you get asked is, “what are you doing with your life?” Maybe it is not in that exact wording, but still. That is the question that one mentally asks themselves over and over again as the result of people’s curiosity. For me, this question tends to be answered in some aspects, and completely lost in all others.

This year I discovered that I am being called into ministry, and never have I felt more right about a decision in my life. However there is still so much that is left to the unknown. Where am I going to seminary? What exactly will I be doing in life after I am completely through with school? The truth is, I have no idea. I have come to the conclusion that being in the unknown  is also the most beautiful part of being on a walk with Christ.

My advice for anyone that is going through the same thing that I am, or even anyone who feels uncertain about the future is simple. STOP WORRYING! Everything is going to work out in the end exactly the way God wanted it too. To be honest, I really need to take this advice myself a lot of times. Correction: all the time. It is hard to not worry, but it is necessary if we plan on allowing God to work through us, and with all of the decisions that we make. So with this, I will embrace peace about the future knowing that my life is in the hands of a good Father.

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